Title Author Year Publication type
Blueprint for Building Business Success by Becoming a ‘Healthcare Business’ Cristina Banks, PhD 2023 White Paper
Quiet Quitting and a Pathway to Better Work Cristina Banks, PhD 2023 White Paper
Within- and between-person changes in work practice and experiences due to COVID-19: Lessons learned from employees working from home, hybrid working, and working at the office Siw Tone Innstrand, PhD; Marit Christensen, PhD; Cristina Banks, PhD; Karoline Grødal 2022 Journal Article
Designing Workplaces to Align with Culture(s) Sally Augustin, PhD, MBA 2022 Conference Paper
Real World Spaces and Creative Thinking Sally Augustin, PhD, MBA; Cynthia Milota, MA; Cristina Banks, PhD 2022 Conference Paper
An Integrated Framework for Organizational Well-Being: Updated Themes, Potential Competencies, and A Broader Horizon Cristina Banks, PhD; Joel Bennett, PhD; Aldrich Chan, PsyD 2022 Book Chapter
2022 EDRA Conference: Partnership Models Between Academia and Industry Cristina Banks, PhD 2022 Presentation
2022 NeoCon: Vital Signs of a Workplace Cristina Banks, PhD 2022 Presentation
2022 WAW: Healthy Workplaces as a Pathway Through Hectic Times Cristina Banks, PhD; Christina Maslach, PhD; Alan Witt, PhD; Siw Tone Innstrand, PhD; Sally Augustin, PhD, MBA; Michael P. Leiter, PhD; Ragnhilk Wiik, PhD; Marit Christensen, PhD 2022 Presentation
2022 SIOP: Is There a Business Case for Healthy Workplaces? Cristina Banks, PhD; Alan Witt, PhD; Alex Alonso, PhD; Wayne Cascio, PhD; Gervais Tompkin 2022 Presentation