Media and Press 2023

From Great Resignation to Great Rethink, the workforce is changing

Many people left their jobs amid the pandemic, but experts found workers are actually switching jobs to find more flexible environments.

Tired of after-work emails and calls? In these countries, they’re outlawed (Washington Post)

Niha Masih
February 1, 2023

From the Great Resignation to quiet quitting, the pandemic fundamentally changed the nature and scope of working lives. But worker fatigue is a concern that preceded the coronavirus, and experts say the need to disconnect has only grown more pressing with the advent of hybrid and remote work.

While some say quiet quitting is over, the spirit of it may carry into 2023 (The Guardian)

Lauren Aratani
January 2, 2023

Quiet quitting might be declining – but its theme of rebalancing work and home life will continue into the new year.