Siw Tone Innstrand, PhD

Core Researcher

Dr. Innstrand is a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley and works together with HealthyWorkplaces on the Healthy Universities project. As the Assistant Director of NTNU Center for Health Promotion Research, her interests lie in the conditions that create health promoting workplaces. Her research field is within work engagement and burnout, work-family interaction, motivation, resources, health and aging, healthy leadership, healthy workplaces, and inclusiveness. Innstrand is one of the founders of the ARK intervention program in Norway which focus on the health impairment and motivational processes in knowledge intensive workplaces. ARK is a Norwegian abbreviation for “Arbeidsmiljø- og klimaundersøkelser” meaning work environment and climate surveys, and is a large intervention program conducted among 20 universities and colleges in Norway. She holds a PhD in Health Science from Norwegian University of Science and Technology on the theme of work-family interaction.


Healthy Universities

The objective is to create a way to assess the degree to which a university campus embodies a healthy workplace for its students, staff, and faculty, and to provide guidance…

June 1, 2016