Dr. Maslach, Professor of Psychology, is the pioneer of research on the predictors and measurement of job burnout. She created the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI), the most widely used instrument for measuring job burnout, and has written numerous articles and books, including The Truth About Burnout.  Several of her articles have received awards for their significance and high impact, and she recently received a lifetime career achievement award for her work on burnout. She also consults on the identification of sources of burnout and potential interventions.  She is currently the founding co-editor of Burnout Research, an open access e-journal of new research, theory, and commentary on job burnout.


Healthy Universities

The objective is to create a way to assess the degree to which a university campus embodies a healthy workplace for its students, staff, and faculty, and to provide guidance…

June 1, 2016