Resources and Publications

We have a variety of resources and publications at the Center to inform your research or practice.


We do original research and publish our findings here on our website.  Our publications include journal articles, literature reviews, white papers, reports, and guidesWe have undertaken several literature reviews to broaden our understanding of the range of factors that are likely to affect health, well-being, and productivity because of their link to “drivers” of need satisfaction. 

Examples of these literature reviews are:

  1. DeClercq, C., Pittman, M., Augustin, S., and Banks, C.G. (in progress) The Relationship between Environmental Design Factors and Organizational Outcomes.
  2. Lee, H., Banks, C.G., and Lindeman, D. (in progress) A Review of Health Technology Efficacy in Promoting Health and Well-Being in Workplaces. 
  3. Banks, C.G. (in progress) Criterion Measures to Use in Human Factors/Ergonomics Research for Demonstrating Business Value.

          Additional reviews can be found on the ICHW Publications page.

Additional Publications, Manuscripts in Progress, and White Papers

  1. Banks, C.G., Winslow, C., and Thibau, I. (2018) Finding Fit: Implementing Wellness Programs Successfully. 2018 Employer Guide, Interdisciplinary Center for Healthy Workplaces and Transamerica Center for Health Studies.
  2. Maslach, C., and Banks, C.G. (2017). Psychological connections with work. In C. Cooper & M.P. Leiter (Eds.), Routledge companion to wellbeing and work. NY: Routledge, pp. 31-51.
  3. DeClercq, C. (2016) Toward the healthy campus. Planning for Higher Education Journal, v44n3, April-June, pp. 86-96.
  4. Declercq, C. and Cranz, G. (2014) Moving beyond seating-centered learning environments: opportunities and challenges identified in a POE of a campus library. Journal of Academic Librarianship.
  5. Banks, C.G. (in progress) Building the Best Workplace for Health and Well-Being: Lessons from the Experts. (Compilation of presentations at the ICHW May 4, 2017 Conference, UC Berkeley).
  6. Innstrand, S.T., Banks, C.G., Maslach, C., and Lowenstein, C. (in progress) Healthy Universities: Exploring Basic Psychological Needs and Health among Faculty Members.
  7. DeClercq, C. Designing for the Healthy Office: How Students Define and Envision Healthy Offices. ICHW White Paper, 2017


With the Healthy Workplaces Model and a framework for examining the health and productivity of workplaces, we implemented a strategy to communicate the Model and framework as broadly as was practical and to multiple audiences.  The purpose was to test the acceptance of this approach and to attract researchers and practitioners who wanted to participate in Center activities to move this approach forward.  Since 2013, we have delivered 16 presentations to professional conferences, 26 presentations to academic audiences, and 6 presentations to employers and service providers.  

We have also initiated a “Science to Practice” Conference Series, with the first conference held May 4, 2017 at UCB.  The conferences are designed around a health and well-being-related problem that requires an integrated, holistic solution. 


We list tools developed by our center researchers.