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Volunteer to participate to collaborate with us on a research project

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An interest in being a research partner 

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An interest in participating in Mixers and Sandboxes hosted by HealthyWorkplaces

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An interest in applying HealthyWorkplaces concepts in my organization.


An interest in hosting meetings at your organization to discuss employee health and well-being topics


An interest in underwriting part of a conference or meeting hosted by HealthyWorkplaces

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Description of contribution:

  1. An interesting article I read (include link to the article).
  2. An interesting research idea (please describe).
  3. research center/program HealthyWorkplaces should know about (include link to their website).
  4. researcher/practitioner HealthyWorkplaces should know about (include name and link to the person’s contact information).
  5. An event or conference HealthyWorkplaces should know about (include link to the event or conference).
  6. suggestion for an event or conference you think HealthyWorkplaces should host (please describe).
  7. need or concern that HealthyWorkplaces is not addressing but should from your point of view (please describe).
  8. source for potential funding of research projects (please describe).
  9. site for a potential demonstration project using an integrated, interdisciplinary approach to employee health and well-being (please describe).