1 | Introduction by Cristina Banks

In the Introduction, Banks explains why the physical (built) environment matters.  Spoiler alert: it is the key to organizational success! Banks explains how the physical environment affects human beings--physically, emotionally, psychologically, and socially--whether we design it with that in mind or not.  Banks further explains from an organizational psychology and public health perspective how this subsequently affects motivation, satisfaction, health, and degree of person-environment-fit. She frames your thinking about the importance of making worker health and well-being a central feature of any organization. Worker health and well-being not only is important for people, it also is connected to outcomes businesses want to see such as increased employee performance and loyalty.  Grounded in a new understanding of how basic human needs relate to the “performance equation,” you will be able to see in subsequent chapters how to apply this new understanding to your own organization’s needs and to your specific role. 

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