Workplace Positive Psychology Exercises: An Evidence-Based Guide to Implementation

In this ten-minute video, ICHW Research Fellow Carolyn Winslow, PhD, provides an introduction to a longer practitioner-oriented webinar she gave for the Work Wellness and Disability Prevention Institute (WWDPI) on how to implement positive psychology practices in organizations. This video with the corresponding full-length webinar and employer “quick” guide (both linked below) are intended to provide an evidence-based introduction and guide to employers or employees who would like to promote well-being in their organization using positive psychology activities. This includes organizational leaders, HR practitioners, and anyone else who makes decisions that impact employee well-being. These materials may also be helpful to individual employees who are interested in completing positive psychology activities on their own, or who would like to make organizational leaders and decision-makers aware of the potential value of implementing positive psychology activities. 

Full-Length Webinar for WWDPI:

Workplace Positive Psychology Exercises: An Evidence-Based Quick Guide to Implementation

Download this 2-page PDF that provides a step-by-step summary of implementation guidelines and additional resources.