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Research Report

A Report on Health Technologies in the Workplace by Student Researcher Helen Lee - January 29, 2018.

Welcome to the Interdisciplinary Center for Healthy Workplaces (ICHW), this page is designed specifically to provide a space for students to find resources and links that help define ICHW's mission and research functions. To the left you will find links to pages that can be beneficial for students understanding and navigation of the Center. All of the descriptions of these links can be found below.

Our Mission

Re-inventing our workplaces by integrating and applying interdisciplinary sciences to achieve worker health and psychological well-being. We do this by focusing our activities around four roles: 

    Aggregator of known science and its applications, 

    Convener of experts for knowledge sharing and collaboration, 

    Researcher conducting cutting-edge multi-disciplinary studies, and 

    Advisor to organizations and the public to share the knowledge gained.


Become Involved

Students in the past have contributed as paid student assistants, research assistants, interns, blog writers, and volunteers. All opportunities for students can be found in this section.


These are where ICHW staff comment on existing research and technologies. These are useful for students who want to gain a better understanding of existing health technologies.

Our Current Research

Here you will find all of our current research projects along with brief descriptions of each of them.

ICHW in the media

This is where all of our media coverage can be found.