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These publications are original research conducted by HealthyWorkplaces.

Finding Fit: Interactive Assessment Tool

With the goal to make it easier for users to select workplace wellness programs that are tailored to their company culture and employee needs, we have created an online version of the assessment from our Finding Fit Employer Guide. The tool also links to the Finding Fit Employer Guide so users can learn more about addressing an organization’s resources and constraints.

Increasing Participation Rates in Wellness Programs for Small and Medium Organizations Technical Report

The Interdisciplinary Center for Healthy Workplaces (ICHW) at UC Berkeley and Transamerica Center for Health Studies® (TCHS) are releasing the new, evidence-based analysis, Increasing Participation Rates in Wellness Programs for Small and Medium Organizations Technical Report. This report analyzes how elements of workplace wellness programs can be applicable to organizations of any size or industry and how organizations can engage employees more effectively to increase and sustain participation.

Finding Fit: Implementing Wellness Programs Successfully - February 7, 2018

The Interdisciplinary Center for Healthy Workplaces (ICHW) has developed an Employer Guide that will enable organizations (with an emphasis on small and medium-sized) to find a workplace wellness program that fits their specific constraints.

Research Report: Health Technologies in the Workplace - January 29, 2018

This research report highlights the work that Researchers David Lindeman and Helen Lee are doing to investigate the scientific support behind the efficacy of health technologies for healthy behavior change.

Designing For The Healthy Office: How Students Define And Envision Healthy Workplaces Focus Group Research – Initial Data Analysis - April 6, 2017

This white paper summarizes the novel methodology and preliminary findings of two focus groups the Center for Healthy Workplaces conducted in Fall 2016 to understand how undergraduate students, members of Generation Z, define seven drivers of need satisfaction—comfort, connection, equity, flexibility, privacy, predictability, and safety—and envision workplaces that support these qualities.

Research Report: What is the ROI on Workplace Wellness programs? A look at the evidence and the gaps in research and practice - August 19, 2015

As the health of workers falls under a brighter spotlight, organizations are scrambling for ways to prevent ill health and promote good health of their workers. Many organizations turn to implementing “Wellness programs” to save on health care costs and increase productivity.

Research Report: Wearables in the Workplace - August 10, 2015

Wearables are becoming increasingly popular among people of all ages as technology gets more integrated into our everyday surroundings and become necessary resources for helping us live our lives.

Health Technology in the Workplace: Leveraging technology to protect and improve worker health - August 6, 2015

Americans spend most hours of their waking day at work, which is directly affected by their health and well-being. However, the health of these workers is put at risk by unhealthy lifestyles – lifestyle factors like poor diet, sedentary lives, and unhealthy environments are at the heart of the disease burden in our nation.