Conference Presentations

Conference Presentations

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August 2018. Banks, C. How to Increase Wellness Program Adoption and Employee Participation Using Principles of Psychology. (American Psychological Association, San Francisco, CA) 

August 2018. Villalobos, V. Aging, Sedentary Behaviors and Workplaces: An Opportunity for Gravitational Pull. (UC Berkeley Aging Research and Technology Innovation Summit, Berkeley, CA)

June 2018. Winslow, C. Improving Employee Emotions and Emotion Regulation. (COEH Webinar)

March 2018. Banks, C. Total Worker Health®. (California Industrial Hygiene Council: The Future of Work-Related Health Issues, Sacramento, CA)

February 2018. Banks, C. How Do You Design For Wellness? (CoreNet Global Corporate Real Estate Forum, Stanford, CA)



October 2017. Banks, C. Winslow, C. Thibau, I. Strategies for Increasing Participation Rates in Wellness Programs. (Understanding Small Enterprises, Denver, CO)

October 2017. DeClercq, C. Designing the Healthy Office: User Perceptions and Solutions. (Understanding Small Enterprises, Denver, CO)

October 2017. Banks, C (Chair), Mosier, K. Robertson, M. Honan, M. Cascio, W. Enhancing Business Effectiveness and Worker Sustainability Through HFE (Human Factors and Ergonomics Society International Annual Meeting, Austin, TX)

August 2017. Banks, C. An Integrated Approach to Healthy Workplace Design. (American Psychological Association, Washington, DC)

June 2017. Banks, C. Augustin, S. Tone Innestrand, S. DeClercq, C. Thibau, I. An Integrated Approach to Healthy Universities. (Work Stress Health, Minneapolis, MN)

June 2017. DeClercq, C. Health Promoting Interventions in Office Design. (Work Stress Health, Minneapolis, MN)

June 2017 Thibau, I. Graduate Student Experience Impact on Health and Academic Success (Work Stress Health, Minneapolis, MN)

June 2017 T. Innestrand, S. Healthy Universities: Exploring basic psychological needs and health among academics. (Work Stress Health, Minneapolis, MN)

May 2017. Banks, C. An Integrated Approach to Healthy Workplaces. (Perkins & Will, Texas)

May 2017. Banks, C. Worker Sustainability. COEH Webinar

May 2017. Banks, C. Designing for Health, Well-Being, and Productivity. (Real Estate & Workplace training week, VMWARE, Palo Alto, CA)

May 2017. Yelin, E. Health and Employment: Macro Context. (COEH Webinar, Berkeley, CA)

February 2017. Banks, C. Worker Sustainability. (Xavier University of Bhubaneswar, India)

January 2017. Thibau, I. Healthy Workplaces Survey of Work Environments on Health and Well-Being. (Herman Miller)

January 2017. Banks, C. An Integrated Approach to Healthy Workplaces (Herman Miller).

January 2017. DeClercq, C. Designing for the Healthy Office: How Students Define and Envision Healthy Workplaces.



December 2016. Banks, C. An Integrated Approach to Healthy Workplaces. (Psychology of Architecture Conference, Austin, TX)

December 2016. Thibau, I. Healthy Workplaces Survey of Work Environments on Health and Well-Being. (Psychology of Architecture Conference, Austin, TX)

July 2016. Banks, C. The Healthy Workplace. (Executive Education UCB, Berkeley, CA)

May 2016 Banks, C. The Role of Psychological States in Worker Well-Being. (Well-being At Work Conference, Amsterdam, NL)

2016 Banks, C. Designing Environments for Well-Being: Science and Practice (National Business Group on Health)

2016 Banks, C. Occupational Health, Safety and Wellbeing (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology)

2016 Banks, C Healthy Workplaces: Designing for Engagement (Corenet Global Summit)

2016 Banks, C. & Maslach, C. Stress and Burnout in the Workplace (CoreNet Regional Summit)

2016 Banks, C. Performance and Productivity (Office Ergonomics Research Committee)



Banks, C. “Well-being, Science and Design.” CoreNet Global Summit, Philadelphia, PA. October 2015.

Banks, C. Healthy Workplaces American Industrial Hygiene Association Sacramento, CA, October 2015.

Banks, C. “Designing to Optimize Organizational and Individual Performance.” American Psychological Association, Toronto, CA, August 2015.

Banks, C. “The Role of Physical and Psychological States in the Efficacy of Health and Wellness Interventions.” Work Stress & Health Conference, Atlanta, GA, July 2015.

Banks, C. “Building a Culture of Engagement.” CoreNet Global Regional Conference, San Francisco, CA, July 2015.

Banks, C. Corenet Global Discovery Forum, San Francisco, CA, February 2015.



December 2014 Banks, C. How an Interdisciplinary View of Health and Well-Being is Greater than the Sum of the Parts (California Industrial Hygiene Council Conference, San Diego, CA)

October 2014 Banks, C. Psychology of the Healthy Workplace: An Organizational Response (CoreNet Global Conference, Washington D.C.) 2014 Banks, C. Leveraging What We Know (University of Minnesota)

October 2014 Banks, C., Guendelman, S., Lindeman, D., & Schiavon, S. Taking an Interdisciplinary View of Employee Health Protection and Promotion: A New Source of Traction. (International Symposium To Advance Total Worker Health, Bethesda, MD).

August 2014. Banks, C., How Psychologists Can Help Create Healthy Workplaces. American Psychological Association Convention, Washington DC)

June 2014 Banks, C., Hammer, L., & Salas, E. . Creating a New Organizational Template for Healthy Workplaces: Combining Forces (University of Sheffield Institute of Work Psychology International Conference, Sheffield, England)

May 2014 Banks, C. Applying What We Know to Create Healthy Workplaces (Well Being at Work Conference, Copenhagen, DK)

May 2014 Banks, C. How Psychologists Can Help Create Healthy Workplaces (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Annual Conference, Honolulu, HI)

April 2014 Banks, C. Leveraging What We Know (Working Well: Being Well Symposium hosted by Teknion, San Francisco, CA)

April 2014. Banks, C. Leveraging What We Know (New Ways of Working Conference, Palo Alto, CA)

March 2014. Banks, C. Faculty and Student Well-Being on Campus, Gensler Dialogue Series, Chicago, IL)

February 2014 Banks, C. A New Organizational Template: How to Design Work and Workplaces for Employee Health and Well-Being (Xavier School of Management, Jamshedpur, India)



December 2013 Banks, C, Why the Healthy Workplace Requires Going Beyond Ergonomics (ErgoExpo Conference, Las Vegas, NV)

October 2013 Banks, C. Healthy Workplaces: The Office Can Transform Public Health While Contributing to the Bottom Line (CoreNet Global Summit, Las Vegas, NV)

July 2013 Banks, C. (Keynote Address) The New Organizational Template: How to Design Work and Workplaces for Employee Health and Well-Being. Australian Psychological Association Conference, Perth, AU

February 2013 Banks, C. Office Heroes (Gensler, San Francisco, CA)