Carolyn Winslow, PhD

Carolyn Winslow, PhD

Core Researcher
Carolyn Winslow received her Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from George Mason University in 2017. Her research aims to better understand and improve employee well-being, with a focus on emotion and job stress. Her previous work and current projects at the Center deepen our understanding of the connections between organizational support,  individual psychological and emotional states, and improved personal and organizational outcomes.  She has also conducted research on a variety of organizational psychology topics, including diversity and inclusion, leadership, teams, job attitudes, and job performance. Her research has been published in top psychology journals, including the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology and Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior.
Select Publications and Presentations

Winslow, C.J., Luchman, J.L., & Kaplan, S.A. (2018, April). Job satisfaction over the career span: Comparing the impact of various job features. Poster presentation at the annual meeting of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Chicago, IL.

Winslow, C. J., Hu, X., Kaplan, S., & Li., Y. (2017). Accentuate the positive: Which discrete positive emotions predict which work outcomes? The Psychologist-Manager Journal20(2), 74-89. 

Winslow, C. J., Kaplan, S. A., Bradley-Geist, J. C., Lindsey, A.P., Ahmad, A.S., & Hargrove, A. K. (2017). An Examination of two positive organizational interventions: For whom do these interventions work?  Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, 22(2), 129-137

Parker, S., Winslow, C.J. & Tetrick, L.T. (2016). Designing meaningful, healthy, and high performing work in cyber security. In S. J. Zaccaro, R. S. Dalal, L.E. Tetrick, & J.A. Steinke, (Eds.), The Psychosocial dynamics of cyber security. New York: Taylor & Francis/Routledge.

Tetrick, L. E., & Winslow, C. J. (2015). Workplace stress management interventions and health promotion. Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior, 2, 583-603.

Winslow, C., Anderson, A. J., & Sabat, I. E., & Kaplan, S.A. (2015, April). Development of a measure of social connectedness in work organizations. Poster presentation at the annual meeting of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Philadelphia, PA. 

*Hargrove, A. K., Winslow, C. J., & Kaplan, S. (2013). Self-Guided activities for improving employee emotions and emotion regulation. In P. L. Perrewé, J. Halbesleben, & C. Rosen (Eds.), Research in occupational stress and well being: The role of emotion and emotion regulation (Volume 11). United Kingdom: Emerald Group Publishing. *All authors contributed equally to this chapter. Authorship order was determined randomly.