PB HLTH 150B Introduction to Environmental Health Sciences

Introduction to Environmental Health Sciences

Units: 3

Terms offered: Fall 2018, Summer 2018 First 6 Week Session, Fall 2017

Courses Description: The course will present the major human and natural activities that lead to release of hazardous materials into the environment as well as the causal links between chemical, physical, and biological hazards in the environment and their impact on human health. The basic principles of toxicology will be presented including dose-response relationships, absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of chemicals. The overall role of environmental risks in the pattern of human disease, both nationally and internationally, will be covered. The engineering and policy strategies, including risk assessment, used to evaluate and control these risks will be introduced.

Rules & Requirements:

   - Prerequisites: 142 and 150A recommended. May be taken concurrently

Hours & Format:

   - Fall/spring: 15 weeks - 3 hours of lecture and 1 hour of discussion per week

Additional Details:

   - Subject/Course Level: Public Health/Undergraduate

   - Grading/Final exam status: Letter grade. Final exam required.

   - Instructor: Charlotte K. Smith, Myron Asa Bradman

   - Formerly known as: second half of 150