Investigating Participation in Wellness Programs in Small & Medium Organizations

Investigators: Cristina Banks, PhDCarolyn Winslow, PhDIsabelle Thibau, MPH

Funders/Partners: Transamerica Center for Health Studies

This project, funded by the Transamerica Center for Health Studies, aimed at understanding the factors unique to small and medium-sized businesses that affect employee engagement in healthy behavior change.  We have conducted a literature review to look at participation rates in organizations and the factors that lead to their success or barriers to participation.  We also conducted focus groups with small and medium-sized businesses across the country to learn about the successes and challenges of their wellness programs.  This research generated a technical report as well as an employer guide to engaging employees in behavior change, which is freely available to the public.  There will also be a one-hour NPR show on the results of our findings.

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