The International Conference of Experts

HealthyWorkplaces is soliciting funding for a conference that will bring together experts who can speak to worker health and well-being issues with the intent of bringing about a holistic understanding of the contributors to worker health and well-being. There are three goals of this research conference: (1) to generate new, breakthrough thinking on how to create an integrated, holistic, and organizationally-realistic approach to worker health and well-being and to indicate what has been shown not to work to provide a healthy workplace; (2) to create new research and practice agendas which will set in motion collaborations across fields to integrate and expand existing knowledge and scientific principles into a coherent, comprehensive and compelling approach to worker health improvement; and (3) to lay the groundwork for a new series of interdisciplinary research projects and practice innovations capturing the most significant ideas and insights generated at the conference to provide future guidance to all stakeholders. The insights generated at the conference will lay the groundwork for developing a potential online course for practitioners and students and presentations to professional societies and policymakers that incorporate the insights gained during the conference. The insights can also serve as an agenda for research that the investigator community in worker health can access.