Designing for the Healthy Office: How Individuals Define and Envision Healthy Workplaces

HealthyWorkplaces, in collaboration with the College of Environmental Design, has created a research paradigm which allows participants to design workspaces based on seven core psychological drivers of well-being: connection, comfort, flexibility, equity, privacy, predictability, and safety. During a 3-hour focus group, participants both work individually and with their groups, as well as collectively as a focus group to define the meaning of each driver, and brainstorm ways that each can be integrated into the design of the workplace.  

We have conducted three focus groups at UC Berkeley with undergraduate students from various departments of campus. Additionally, the focus group paradigm has expanded and is in the process of being implemented in outside organizations, including architecture firms and government agencies. All data from focus groups conducted around the country will be aggregated into one database, which HealthyWorkplaces will make available to research collaborators from other institutions.


Students who have worked with us on this project include:

Max Pittman, Pauline SImes, Helen Lee, Tony Kim