Designing for the Healthy Office: Gen Z Focus Group

Caitlin DeClercq, PhD

Core Researcher

Cristina Banks, PhD

Principal Investigator

Designing for the Healthy Office

Testing the virtual reality Headsets for the Gen Z focus group session

The ICHW led a focus group study aimed at understanding the ways physical elements of workplaces impact worker well-being and productivity. The focus group took place on Monday, September 24th, 2018 on the UC Berkeley campus.

In this focus group session, participants experienced a proposed workplace design using innovative virtual reality (VR) technology and provided insight about their perceptions and feedback through dynamic discussions and brainstorming activities. The aim of the research project is to articulate and validate innovative workplace design ideas to promote worker well-being and productivity.

Participants were provided light refreshments during the focus group meeting and given a $20 Amazon gift card upon completion of focus group activities. The session also provided a great opportunity for students to get involved with a research study on campus, learn something new about worker well-being, and contribute insights to an important topic.  

Adjusting the virtual reality headset on participants. This headset and programming allowed participants to enter into a virtual workspace and walk around within it.

The participant's real-time visual experience was projected onto a screen.

The workplace designs incorporated into virtual reality scenarios were displayed for all participants.