The Center is leading several activities to identify important research, both completed and underway, which will inform us of the proven factors underlying employee health and well-being.  First, we are connecting with faculty across the campuses of the University of California and other universities to identify academics and researchers who are engaged in this work and who are interested in working collaboratively on this topic.  The research tends to be narrowly focused from a broad range of issues, so our search is for people who conduct research that can be generalized to the workplace.  We are reviewing their research and then inviting them to participate in Center activities.


Second, we are conducting literature reviews across disciplines to comb the literature for peer-reviewed articles, chapters, studies, and other material that contributes to the foundational knowledge of employee health and well-being.


Third, we are identifying and interviewing researchers outside of the traditional disciplines related to health and well-being in order to learn about cutting-edge developments that may impact employee health and well-being. Examples of these are technology innovators creating wearable health-related devices, social networks supporting healthy behaviors, tablets that deliver personalized health advice and feedback, advances in implementation science, emotion detectors and mood modulators, and applications of biophilia.  We are scanning the environment for innovations in the healthcare and technology areas that may be helpful in creating healthy workplaces.


We are in the process of building a repository of this information for public access.  We will make the information available through brief summaries and links to original documents to aid public understanding of this information.  We are at the beginning stages of this process.