Max Pittman


Max and Caitlin DeClerq are conducting a study aimed at conceptualizing drivers of workplace well-being into physical designs. They have devised an activity in which participants, in small groups, come up with ways that concepts such as equity, connection and flexibility can be incorporated into office spaces. They do this in multiple phases, involving an informative lecture, brainstorming sessions and debriefing presentations.

Max is a junior researcher for HealthyWorkplaces and the Center for the Built Environment. He is a recent Berkeley Psychology graduate interested in how psychological well-being and performance can be improved by physical design interventions. His goal is to discover easy and efficient ways to improve spaces, and to create a new occupant-centered standard in office design. He is hoping to enroll in a doctoral program in one to two years.


Literature Review: Built Environment and Worker Health

The objective is to summarize what is known from the built environment literature on factors that affect worker health and well-being.  HealthyWorkplaces researcher Max Pittman is working with Interdisciplinary Researcher…

December 1, 2016


Designing for a Healthy Office

The objective is to explore new ways of designing workspace from the perspective of psychological impact.  Based on the Healthy Workplaces Model, we have identified a set of seven psychological…

May 1, 2016