Jim Cohen

Consulting Expert

Jim is a trusted, accomplished innovation leader and business adviser. Part strategist, part counsel and part sherpa, he brings a highly effective and diverse set of lenses and perspectives to his work; focused on the union of strategic thinking, authenticity, experience design and brand development.

He is a specialist at aligning organizations around what they stand for, what’s next, what’s new and what’s possible; clarity in the face of complexity, focus in the face of fuzziness and energy in the face of stagnation.

Jim is a master at focusing and inspiring leaders and organizations to define and be accountable for the delivery of new frameworks, plans and concepts that are authentic, differentiating and courageous. He’s skilled at helping organizations articulate their purpose, values and “reason for being”. He’s adept at working with internal and external resources to use these assets to craft distinct, genuine, inventive frameworks, concepts and expressions in an increasingly discerning and competitive global environment.

He has a depth of real-world skill as an architectural, experience and communications designer, musician, artist, chef and passionate student of the remarkableness of life. This empowers him to bring a human, holistic and innovative perspective to the development, evolution and revolution of strategic initiatives, brands and their expression. Paired with his design thinking, his ability to inspire people, to collaborate with organizations and to navigate the complexity of markets and business, Jim is able to dig deep into a company’s soul, galvanize its essence, guide its leaders and communicate its lasting potential.

For over 35 years, Jim has worked with organizations, large and small, to create bold ideas, strategies and concepts, generate the courage and sustain the commitment to new, truly differentiating products, services and environments.

Jim is a frequent guest lecturer, instructor and mentor at the Kellogg School of Management, the Segal Design Institute, the University of Chicago, the Haas School of Business, other business and civic groups.

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