This semester, we have a team of volunteers and students from diverse disciplines and backgrounds.

Alexis Leoni is a second-year student at UC Berkeley and has joined HealthyWorkplaces for the Fall semester. She is an intended Business Administration major and plans to get her certificate in Design Innovation, and Entrepreneurship and Technology. She is interested in the intersection of architectural design, psychology and business.

Ryan Kelley-Cahill is a second-year student at UC Berkeley and has been with HealthyWorkplaces since the Summer. His interests lie in group dynamics and how organizations can better function within their own space. Healthy Workplaces is developing and compiling various aspect changes that help enhance employee health and well-being, and in turn, can increase mood, work satisfaction, and productivity. Ryan is interested in workplace study and more specifically ‘Healthy Workplaces,’ since he believes it is the path towards creating the next advanced thriving-workplace. He is a strong believer of the philosophy ‘build a better tomorrow,’ which is why he joined the Healthy Workplaces team.

Tony Kim is a recent 2017 graduate of UC Berkeley. He is currently in the process of applying for a master’s program in I/O Psychology and is volunteering for the Interdisciplinary Center for Healthy Workplaces to gain experience in the field. Whether its interacting with small and medium businesses or experts in different industries, he hopes to use these experiences in his future endeavors.

We are also pleased to have Carolyn Winslow join us as a Visiting Student Researcher from George Mason University. She is a doctoral candidate in I/O Psychology and is conducting the research behind and working on the creation of an employer guide for employee engagement in healthy behaviors.

We welcome back Pauline Simes and Helen Lee as undergraduate student researchers.