This semester, six new undergraduate research assistants have joined HealthyWorkplaces. Below is a short bio on each.


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Justine Yu

Justine is a fourth-year undergraduate research assistant at HealthyWorkplaces. She is studying Cognitive Science and Political Economy at the University of California, Berkeley and is interested in using insights from behavioral economics to develop solutions towards improving product and policy design. Her previous experience includes conducting research on behavioral design applied to corporate sustainability legislation at the Institute of Economic Affairs in London, analyzing behavior change strategies for the Root Solutions, an environmental consultancy in Emeryville, and assessing B Corp certification viability for Levi Strauss & Co. 

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Quynh-Trang Nguyen

Quynh Nguyen is student researcher for HealthyWorkplaces. She will be receiving her B.A. in Psychology at the University of California, Berkeley in 2017. Her interests lie in performance management, labor relations and organization behavior and effectiveness. Quynh is also working at Campus Shared Service as a HR Assistant to learn more about the operational side of human resources. During her free time, she enjoys hiking and watching improv comedies. 

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Iris Ananthset

Iris is a fourth-year undergraduate research assistant at HealthyWorkplaces. She is studying Economics at University of California, Berkeley and is interested in helping companies make thoughtful, data-driven decisions that promote the well-being of their employees. She believes that these decisions requires an understanding of the different sciences behind people and their work environment. Her previous experience is mostly in analyzing data from evaluating the impact of global poverty alleviation programs as well as researching about the U.S. workforce to see how immigrant status, major, and gender affects wages. She is excited to what insights she can find from analyzing data that relates the employee’s well-being and work environment. 


Ines Ivanovic

Ines Ivanovic is a researcher exploring the Physiological effects of the workplace. She is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree at UC Berkeley in Interdisciplinary Studies, conducting a research project on how a business’ motivations behind their workforce wellness initiatives shape consequent implementation and employee participation. She hopes that this research will help explain why so many workforce wellness programs fail to provide the results they are designed to create and how they can be improved to help create healthier lifestyles for employees.

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Helen Lee

Helen Lee is an undergraduate student at Berkeley expected to graduate in 2018. She is pursuing a double degree In Business Administration and Media Studies. Helen joined the HealthyWorkplaces team to work on research regarding health technology in the workplace. Her interest lies in understanding factors that constitutes human behaviors as well as following up on newest technological trends.

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Additionally, we are joined by Pauline Simes, a returning undergraduate research assistant who has been with HealthyWorkplaces since Fall 2016. This semester, she will investigate key factors of wellbeing such as nutrition and exercise, and research how they can be better integrated into office settings. Pauline is also a research assistant for the Social Research on Healthcare Group where she studies how chronic illness affects the medical industry. Additionally, she is an editor of The Undergraduate Journal of Psychology at UC Berkeley, a publication which features undergraduate research in psychology, neuroscience, and cognitive science each year. In the future, she hopes to pursue her passion for psychology and preventative health in graduate school.