In December 2016, HealthyWorkplaces researchers Cristina Banks, Isabelle Thibau, Caitlin DeClercq, Sally Augustin, and Gail Brager attended the Psychology of Architecture conference in Austin.  You can now listen to our presentations here, and go to the Psychology of Architecture Conferences YouTube site to see others.  The list of abstracts can be found here: 


Cristina Banks presented on “An Integrated Approach to Healthy Workplaces” – an overview of our model, our approach, and how we apply the science to practice.

Isabelle Thibau presented on the “Healthy Workplaces’ Survey of Work Environments on Health and Well-Being” – a presentation of the results of the UC Berkeley Graduate Student Survey.

Caitlin DeClercq presented on “Designing for a Healthy Office” – A presentation of the preliminary results of the Designing for Healthy Offices focus group research.

Sally Augustin presented on “Living in an Impressionist World: Human Experience of Places.”

Gail Brager was not able to attend to conference in person, but her colleague Lindsay Graham presented on her behalf on “Using Occupant Feedback to Understand Building Success” – a presentation on the Center for the Built Environment’s occupant satisfaction survey.