This article identifies one of the main issues in modern society as the fact that stress, sleep deprivation, and burnout are key features of American workplace culture. In order to move away from this mentality towards a healthier lifestyle, it is important to redefine success to include intangible things such as fitness and strong relationships rather than simply monetary gain. It also transforms the current concept of work-life balance into work-life fit, where work and life aren’t competing against each other, but rather interacting positively to enhance happiness. Overwork is something that people from every class and economic background experience so it is an ideal place for public policy to take action. Employers can incorporate the following six criteria in order to cultivate a more effective workplace: challenging and learning on the job, autonomy, work-life fit, support from a supervisor, a work climate of respect and trust, and economic security. With these adjustments, employees will have the opportunity to be productive at work without sacrificing their physical or emotional well-being.