Science to Practice Conference Series

Building the Best Workplace for Health and Well-Being

May 4, 2017

Every company providing physical workspaces must address one basic question: How should we build it? Typically, the answer is based on one or more practical factors such as project budget, timeframe, and location constraints. Aesthetic design preferences may also dictate the ultimate ‘look and feel’ of the structure. The answer is often missing one important practical factor – employee health and well-being. What if the company could create a structure that actually facilitated employee well-being, productivity, and organizational prosperity? Even if the company is considering only a remodel, could it do so to obtain these same outcomes? The answer to both of these questions is YES.

We now know through scientific studies and reviews of best practice what physical elements of the environment facilitate employees’ health and ability to do their best work. What’s more, many of these elements need not involve significant cost as they are the result of spatial layout, choice of lighting, windows, use of fabrics and colors, and arrangement of walkways among many others. Cost, timeframe, and architectural aesthetics need not be significantly affected—smart design of the physical space can incorporate these priorities at the same time.

This one-day conference presents the most up-to-date thinking and validated design strategies for building smarter workplaces that promote both well-being and organizational effectiveness. A team of national experts presents the facts based on science and best practice on what works (and what doesn’t) and how this translates into design strategies. Complementing the science, a panel of leading-edge practitioners and innovators will share their knowledge of adapted responses to smart workplace interventions and of pitfalls to avoid. Participants will also receive a workbook summarizing the information provided in the conference and a decision-process guide integrating this knowledge into a coherent building project strategy.

Most importantly, participants will have access to the expertise available through the Interdisciplinary Center for Healthy Workplaces and its affiliates to assist with building projects planned and underway.

**We ​are ​offering ​a ​discounted ​price ​of ​$950 ​for ​UCB ​and ​UCSF ​alumni ​and ​employees ​- ​contact ​ ​for ​your ​discount ​code ​before ​registering.**

Program Details



Facilities executives, corporate real estate executives, architects, designers, human resources executives, healthcare professionals, and management consultants.


Registration fee: $1,495

Reduced registration fee for UC Berkeley and UCSF alumni and employees: $950

Registration includes catered breakfast and lunch.



1. Chance to meet with expert researchers and professionals in an interdisciplinary setting
2. State of the art information in multiple areas that directly impact employee health and well-being in the built environment
3. Recommendations regarding the essential features that need to be brought into the planning of new spaces
4. A planning guide for articulating a building strategy that will support employee productivity and well-being
5. Certificate of conference attendance for CE credit


Cristina Banks, PhD

Director, the Interdisciplinary Center for Healthy Workplaces, and Senior Lecturer, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley

Kevin Kelly, Registered Architect

Senior Architect, GSA Public Buildings Service | Total Workplace

John Swartzberg, MD, FACP

Clinical Professor Emeritus, Public Health, UC Berkeley, Editor of the Berkeley Wellness Letter

Galen Cranz, PhD

Professor of Architecture, UC Berkeley

Sally Augustin, PhD

Principal, Design With Science. Author, Place Advantage

Gervais Tompkin, AIA, LEED® AP

Workplace Sector Leader, Consulting Practice Area Leader, Principal, Gensler

Anthony Ravitz

Green Building & Sustainable Design, Google Inc.

Gretchen Gscheidle

Director, Insight + Exploration team, Herman Miller

Megan Mokri

CEO and Founder, Byte



 7:30am Breakfast
 8:15am Welcome & Introductions (Cristina Banks)
 8:30am Building for Well-Being and Productivity: What Choices? (Gretchen Gscheidle)
 9:30am Break
 9:45am Designing for the Right Emotions (Sally Augustin)
10:45am Evaluating What a Workplace Feels Like (Kevin Kelly, Gervais Tompkin)
12:15pm Lunch
 1:00pm Designing for (Good) Posture and Movement (Galen Cranz)
 1:45pm Building for People: What Metrics? (Anthony Ravitz)
 2:45pm Break
 3:00pm Avoiding Infectious Diseases, Sedentary Work, and Stress (John Swartzberg)
 3:45pm Little Touches that Matter (Megan Mokri)
 4:30pm Checklist for Healthy Workplaces & Wrap Up (Cristina Banks & All)


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